Il TramezzinoProviding highest quality farm fresh produce, meats, and imported delicacies.

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The enduring charm of the il Tramezzino restaurants is clearly the product of its founder’s European heritage. Il Tramezzino’s founder, Veronique de Lestang, recognized that there was a unique and ess...ential desire for the opportunity to bring to Beverly Hills an eatery, which catered to the real life needs of busy people in a thriving metropolis. The first venture began on Canon Dr. in 1991 and distinguished itself rapidly because of the quality and variety of its cuisine, its familial atmosphere, its child and dog friendly policy, and its willingness to cater to the individual needs of its ultimately international clientele. Since 1991, il Tramezzino has distinguished itself as a pioneering force in Beverly Hills. Most notably, it was the first restaurant to request and argue convincingly for and receive a permit from the City to have outdoor seating. Following this success, it became one of the highest grossing, per square foot, restaurants in the city. In the course of the ensuing years, several other restauranteurs followed suit; thereby, creating a charming and inviting “Restaurant Row” on Canon Drive, in the heart of the City. In matters culinary, il Tramezzino introduced the now famed “Panini;” an extensive variety of sandwiches prepared with custom baked traditional Italian country baguettes filled with marvelous meats, vegetables, cheeses, and spices; grilled to a crusty perfection. The restaurants’ most famous offering, known as, “The Chicken Special,” is an unforgettable succulent sandwich, whose “secret sauce” is magical and is perhaps the perfect metaphor for the deserved success of il Tramezzino.
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454 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills CA, 90210
(310) 273-0501